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Casio FX-260 Solar Classroom Pack – Special Buy

$299.90 $234.45

This is the original FX-260 calculator

Electronic Products Part #: FX-260CLASS Brand:



Classroom pack contains:

30 – FX-260 Calculators
1 – Calculator Caddy II (able to hold 30 calculators)

FX-260 Specs:

  • Large, color-coded keyboard
  • Solar Power
  • 10 Digit mantissa + 2-digit exponent display
  • 11 Digit accuracy
  • Floating negative sign appears to the left of the number displayed
  • Rounds off all answers to the number of digits displayed 
  • 144 built-in mathematic functions 
  • Fraction functions 
  • Accurate 10 digit, 10 + 2 display 
  • Backspace Key to fix entry mistakes Basic Scientific, Exponential and Trigonometric functions 
  • Single variable statistical calculations 
  • Order of operations M-D-A-S 
  • Polar-rectangular conversions 
  • Slide-on hard case 
  • Super Solar – no more battery costs 
  • DMS<>DD,P<>R 
  • Mean,Standard Deviation 
  • Permutations & Combinations

Calculator Caddy II specs:
Specially designed to hold 30 Texas Instruments 30XS, 34 MultiView, 30X-IIS, TI-30Xa, TI-34II, Casio FX-55, FX-65, or other calculators up to 3 inches wide.

Made of heavy denim with numbered pockets, it can be hung from map or wall hooks for easy access.
The caddy can be folded while loaded with calculators for convenient storage.
Five rows of six pockets each. 45 x 24 inches.

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Weight 13 lbs